South East Asian Feast at BATIK RESTAURANT BAR

Upon entering BATIK Restaurant and BarSeminyak, Bali visitors are greeted by

interior decors inspired by the beauty of Indonesian traditional fabrication method, batik. The restaurant is also widely

known for its impeccable South East Asian cuisine ranging from Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

As a national staple, fried rice and noodles are good for any occasion. BATIK’s Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng combined a

traditional recipes using local fresh herbs and spices, making it the best comfort food to have with either for lunch or


Spaghetti Sambal Terasi is another satisfying dish with Indonesian flavour, twisting Italian specialties into local taste.

Perfect combination of sambal, tomato, and chili sauce making it so appealing, moreover with fried chicken wings presented

on the top.

For Thailand food lovers, stir fry flat noodle with shrimp, tofu, bean sprout, eggs, and peanuts is another seemly simple

but so addictive to the point where you’ll find yourself walkback for another plate. While, Vietnamese traditional beef

noodle soup, Pho Bo also one of the top picks for those who wish to have a light meal.