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It is easy to get a cash loan at RSA Bank. Quietly, most people can get a cash loan without certificates with a low interest rate, for any purpose. The Raiffeisen Bank Polska cash loan belongs to cheap offers, which confirms the comparison of cash loans. RSA Bank is often in the top three in the cash loans ranking for the cheapest cash loan.


How will you get a Quick Cash Loan from RSA Bank?

How will you get a <a href=Quick Cash Loan from RSA Bank?” />

You fill in a simple application on the Internet – it will take you about 2 minutes!

  • RSA Bank employee will call you to confirm the data you have provided and the desire to get a loan.
  • You will verify the documents provided by you and you will be notified immediately of the final credit decision by phone or e-mail.
  • You will receive funds from the granted credit in the way you choose.


Why is it worth taking a cash loan at RSA Bank?

cash loan at RSA Bank?

  • A high maximum loan amount from PLN 1,000 up to PLN 120,000.
  • You can adjust the period of repayment of the loan to your needs, the loan period from 6 to 72 months.
  • If you took a loan from another bank and repaid it on time, you can get a cash loan by presenting your ID card and one document confirming your income
  • Purpose of the loan – for any chosen purpose.
  • No need to visit the facility! You submit an application via the Internet and a courier will provide you with a credit agreement.
  • Immediate full assessment of your creditworthiness together with the initial credit decision immediately after sending the application you receive the calculated loan offer.
  • Without guarantors and other loan repayment security.
  • Opportunity to take advantage of attractive insurance in case of unforeseen situations.
  • No fees for processing the application.
  • The possibility of early repayment of the loan without additional fees.
  • Cash loans are repaid in monthly installments.


Documents that will be needed to obtain a cash loan at RSA Bank

Documents that will be needed to obtain a cash loan at RSA Bank

Choose your source of income and the most convenient document confirming your income:

  • Contract of employment
  • Extract or history of the invoice to which remuneration is transferred or
  • RMUA printing (certificate of the amount of premiums paid) issued in the last 6 months or
  • PIT – 11 for the previous year accepted until the end of June this year or
  • A contract of employment or an annex to a contract of employment (documenting the amount
  • Salaries) signed in the last 6 months or
  • A certificate from the workplace about earnings of a retirement or disability pension
  • The decision on granting the benefit or the last indexation of the benefit or the last or penultimate section of the payment of the benefit or the statement or history of the account to which the amount of the benefit or the certificate from the Social Insurance Institution / KRUS on receiving the benefit is transferred


Cash loan – simplified formalities: a quick decision

Cash loan

Traditionally, to meet the expectations of customers, RSA Bank reduced the cost of cash loans. “Light Loan Payment” is a lower interest rate than other banks for the most popular loans, in the amount from PLN 1,000 to PLN 6,000, granted for a period of 6 to 72 months.

The nominal interest rate on the promotional loan has been lowered. Customers can determine the repayment terms corresponding to their individual needs, ie adjust the installment amount by choosing a convenient loan period. They can also choose the day of the month in which they will pay the installments, for example, so that it will fall after payment of remuneration. Thanks to this the loan will be … light in repayment.

What is important, the RSA Bank loan is quickly available. Most clients can complete all formalities and receive funds within 15 minutes by completing the application online.

To get a loan, you should come to the branch of RSA Bank with a personal ID and a document confirming income (eg a certificate of earnings or confirmation of receiving a pension).

The cash loan is repaid in equal monthly installments.


Mortgage loan at RSA Bank

Mortgage loan at RSA Bank

RSA Bank introduced changes to the mortgage loan offer. The Low Percent promotion abolishes commissions when granting a mortgage for people who want to finance a loan with up to 100% of the property value and additionally insure themselves against losing their jobs.

Housing loan: loan currency: PLN, EUR, the possibility of crediting even 100% of the value of the property, the possibility of obtaining additional financing for housing / home furnishings, margins from 0.95% in PLN and from 1.59% in EUR, 0% commission in the use of from life insurance, convenient lending period from 1 year to 30 years, acceptance of income in the credit analysis to 4 applicants, 0% for consideration of the application and conversion, grace period in the repayment of the capital until payment of the last tranche.

Also people refinancing home loans from other banks at RSA Bank will not pay commissions, and in addition they may receive money to consolidate other loans they hold or for any purpose. In addition, margins for mortgages intended to finance up to 100% of the value of real estate are significantly reduced.


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