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Loan and Credit, a non-banking company, is known mainly for its hire purchase financing. A number of shops offer the possibility to buy installments through Loan and Credit.

However, the non-banking company Loan and Credit provides, in addition to installment purchases, also classic loans and credits. These loans for anything from Loan and Credit offer up to 1 million crowns. You can then use the money you earned for any purpose.

Non-bank loans for anything from Loan and Credit

Non-bank loans for anything from Loan and Credit

The loan from Loan and Credit can range from USD 20,000 to USD 1 million. The client can then choose the maturity period from 6 to 120 months. These loans from Loan and Credit are thus suitable for financing long-term expenditures or for financing new housing or other similar expenditures.

When approving a loan, Loan and Credit charges (like banks) a fee for loan approval. This is 1% of the amount provided by this company (the maximum amount of this fee is limited to USD 10,000).

Loan and Credit then charges an annual fee of USD 1068 (ie USD 89 per month) for the management and administration of the loan. However, no additional fees cost you Loan and Credit loans.

What do I need to handle a loan from Loan and Credit?


Anyone who is at least 18 years old and resident in the Czech Republic can apply for loans from Loan and Credit. To obtain a loan from Loan and Credit you need to have a regular source of income. This income must then be documented when applying for a loan. You can use your bank account statement to pay your income to prove your income. It is necessary to prove at least the last two payouts. Alternatively, you can use your last two pay slips to prove your income.

In addition, you must submit your personal documents to process the loan from Loan and Credit. Two IDs are required (ie ID card and some other ID – driver’s license, passport, firearms license or some other official photo ID)

If you live in the same household with your spouse (or partner), then the partner’s personal information should be attached to the loan application.

The partner is also required to prove their income

The partner is also required to prove their income

The non-banking company Loan and Credit offers several variants of the loan. It can be a non-purpose loan for anything. In this case, you will receive money in your bank account and the subsequent use is up to you.

Or you can choose a special-purpose loan, in which case it is necessary to submit to Loan and Credit invoices, orders, etc. for what the obtained funds will be used.

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